About Us

Board of Directors


All Western Pennsylvania Neighbors are empowered to achieve sustainable financial security within their community.


NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania creates greater neighborhood wealth through accessible financial education, coaching, and community leadership development.


   Integrity   We promote an environment of transparency, accountability and honesty built on respect and trust.
   Community Building   We seek locally-driven solutions incorporating the leadership of our various Neighbors and Stakeholders, building on diversity as a strength and working in partnership with others to achieve results.
   Empowerment   We encourage our Neighbors to achieve self-sufficiency through motivation, education and wealth-building.
   Success   We facilitate measurable, positive, life-changing outcomes for our Neighbors.


Founded in 1968 by the now-legendary community organizer Dorothy Richardson, NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania was the first community-based group to respond to the lack of safe and affordable housing and has become a model for similar organizations all around the country.

NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania is now a community leader for sustainable homeownership within the region. NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania forges critical relationships with financial institutions, government officials, and neighborhood residents to offer an array of homeownership services.


Board of Directors:

Pat Clark
Jackson/Clark Partners

Jason Tigano
Economic Development South

Laura Swiss
PNC Bank

Immediate Past President

Aggie Brose
Bloomfield/Garfield Corporation

Mary Gibson
Giant Eagle

Frank Hammond
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Anita Karem
First National Bank

David Weber
Housing Authority, City of Pittsburgh

Sabrina Saunders
Strong Women, Strong Girls Inc.

Kyle Chintalapalli
Mayors Office, City of Pittsburgh


Colin (R) and Craig (L)

Colin Kelley
Chief Executive Officer

Craig Burkley
Chief Financial Officer

Emily Anderson Lavin
Chief Development and
Communication Officer

Rachael Surmick
Chief Operating Officer

Tammy Grzelka
Suburban and Rural Initiatives Specialist

Brettaney Duck
Housing Specialist

Patrick Eberz
Housing Specialist

Victoria Heverley
Fund My Future
Program Coordinator

Regina MacDowell
Housing Specialist


NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania services are available at these locations:



East Side Neighborhood Employment Center


Pittsburgh Hill District   

First Source Center


Turtle Creek   

Human Services Inc.



The Kingsley Association


New Castle   

Lawrence County Community Action Partnership


Uptown/Downtown Pittsburgh      

NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center


O'Hara Township   

Veterans' Administration

Services are available at the above locations by appointment only.  For details of services available, please see Programs & Services, and to schedule an appointment, please call (412) 281-9773.